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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Post #500

Post #500!!! That's about it, I don't have a cool giveaway or anything to celebrate it, but maybe soon :)

However, I will share with you a couple photos that will be a part of my new accountability plan for myself.

Yesterday I saved a picture that I won't even put up. All I'll tell you is that it said, "Closed". I was really considering shutting this blog down. Why? Well I have a lot of different reasons, but I decided those were not good enough reasons and that this blog has been the way I've kept going. Even though having about 78 followers is not a huge number, it still represents people that may or may not be reading, but it's people I can be accountable to. 

The new plan is to post a picture each day with the theme of what I did for exercise which is the area I most struggle with right now. Knowing that I need to post a picture will help me get it in no matter what. I would appreciate and love your comments and support. Share with me what you've done for exercise for the day or give me challenges and ideas of what to do for the next day!

Today's pictures are:

Today my workout was: Insanity Cardio Abs and a portion of the workout above.
My plan for building my running base back up is this :

I feel: Strong and inspired today.
So far so good. :)


Running Librarian said...

Keep at it! No excuses! I find it harder to get the workouts in during the winter. So this morning I walked in place while watching tv and did some medicine ball stuff..then I forced myself to head to the gym and ran intervals..and then to end I like to read some of my book while biking :) Hang in know you can do it :)

Amanda said...

Awesome job and thanks for the support! I feel like I've removed all the excuses just have to kick myself in the pants :)

H Love said...

Keep it up girl! You are strong and God has a plan for you!! You can do it! Hugs!

Michelle said...

You can do this!! You've done it before so you can do it again!! I am walking Gianna from school and really getting back to healthy eating because that's been my weakness. Let's do this!!