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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Exercise 1/28- Interval Run Wk 1

Exercise Accountability Photo
Week 1 Running Intervals 3-5x per week.

I started a couch to 5k type running program again. I just needed a guide to help me build up. It might be easier than when I first started running, but it's giving me confidence to pick up the pace.

I ran 60 seconds, walked 90 seconds 8 times. Here are the splits:

#7-10:38 yes!!

We went 2.37 miles in 48 minutes. The Hubbs and Kid#2 came with me. We walked down to the trail and Kid#2 rode his bike while we ran our intervals. We ended up in a parking lot on the hill that was closed off to traffic for the winter and we finished up our intervals running them at a slight uphill.

I felt really great and it was nice to have part of my family with me as we commit to being healthy.


Michelle said...

Good job! So happy to see you getting back into it! I am going to hold you accountable. I'm going to bring the Jillian Michaels out in me...haha..j/k! I"m feeling better already so this weekend we can do a run...what do you say?

Amanda said...

Yes!! I would love to run this weekend.