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Monday, December 31, 2012

Open Letter to Myself

Dear Amanda,

Maybe this year didn't quite go as you thought it would. Maybe this year you felt really disappointed with the way some things panned out. Maybe you thought you were failing...I'm here to tell you,

you didn't.

This year you learned a lot about balance and being unbalanced.

You learned that this weight loss/fitness thing is only one facet of this life diamond.

 You learned that sometimes friends are only friendly when they are receiving things and that you should just keep being yourself. Apologize when you need to and move on when you have to.

You learned that motherhood has always been you're most important assignment. Your boys needed you a lot this year and once you embraced that sacrifice of time and energy you found joy.

You learned your body will run out of gas eventually if you do not feed it properly.

You learned through not being able to run that you still love to run and this passion isn't going anywhere! I know you're ready to run over those finish lines again, but we are going to be smart and open to regaining our running abilities. You will not be discouraged or compare yourself to others. This race is yours and yours alone. Run to Inspire, Run to Save.

Lastly, I know you are really disappointed with the weight gain and you don't want to sound like a broken record. This might take awhile, but with each sunrise and sunset vow to be your best and then some. Don't give up just because the mountains look steep, you never know the power within you until you let it take hold.

This year may not ring with the same successes as previous years have, but this was a good year and you are blessed.

Whatever you set your feet to do, go out and get it girl :)

I hope everyone has a blessed and happy new year! I know many of us have fitness related goals on our minds and this blog is a candle that's ready to be re-lit. If you're still a reader, Thanks! If you're new here I'm going to do my best to keep going in 2013 towards health, happiness, and inspiration.

2013 Here We Come!

1 comment:

Running Librarian said...

YOu've got this! Happy New Year!